October 12, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Protected Car

The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Protected Car

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So, you’ve made the smart choice to protect your car with paint protection film or ceramic coating. Well done! But now, the big question is – how do you maintain it, and what’s covered under the warranty?

The Importance of Maintaining Your Freshly Protected Vehicle

Maintaining your freshly protected car is essential in order to maximize the lifespan of your paint protection film or ceramic coating. Proper upkeep not only ensures that the protective layer remains intact but also enhances the appearance of your vehicle, keeping it looking brand new for years. Moreover, regular maintenance is often a prerequisite to keep your warranty valid. Failing to adhere to the recommended care instructions can damage the protective layer and might void your warranty. Therefore, invest time in maintenance for the long-term benefits of your protected car.

Maintaining your newly protected car isn’t as daunting as it may seem.

Everything You Need to Know About Maintaining Your Protected Car

In this section, we’ll provide all the necessary information you need to keep your protective car products looking as good as new, and to ensure your vehicle lasts. We’re going to dive deep into the best care practices, the do’s and don’ts, and the ideal products for maintaining the impeccable condition of your paint protection film or ceramic coating. We’ll also touch on the importance of routine inspection and when it’s time to seek professional help. By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge required to keep your vehicle looking pristine and uphold the longevity of your protective coating. Hence, let’s move forward and delve into the nitty-gritty of protected car maintenance.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) & Ceramic Coating Aftercare

For Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating, the first week after application is the most critical. Avoid washing your car during this period as the solutions need time to cure properly.

Once cured, regular washing is the key to longevity. It’s best to wash your car by hand using a mild, non-abrasive soap and a soft, clean cloth. Avoid automatic car washes as they can damage the film.

Specifically for Ceramic Coating, avoid any wax or sealant products. They are unnecessary and may inhibit the self-cleaning effect of the coating.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) & Ceramic Coating Warranty

With proper aftercare, your paint protection film or ceramic coating will last and look great for years. However, they also come with a warranty for your peace of mind.

Our Paint Protection Film (PPF) is backed with a robust 12-year manufacturer warranty by XPEL . This comprehensive warranty provides coverage for any defects related to labor, craftsmanship, and materials. Rest assured – this warranty is designed to give you complete peace of mind, ensuring that your investment in protecting your car’s aesthetic appeal stands strong for years to come.

Most PPF products come with a warranty of five to ten years against defects such as yellowing, cracking, peeling, staining, and hazing. Ceramic Coating typically offers warranties ranging from one to five years, depending on the product, but you can count on a 12-year warranty at TINT 360.

Remember, the warranty does not cover damage caused by improper care or accidents. Always follow the aftercare guidelines and bring your car in for regular checks to keep your protection in top condition.

The road ahead is bright, and your car can remain as gleaming as the day you had it protected with a little care and attention. Drive on with confidence!

Extended Aftercare Instructions and Recommended Products

Maintaining your car’s ceramic coating and paint protection film is not just about keeping your vehicle looking shiny and new – it’s a crucial part of ensuring their longevity. Over time, environmental factors such as dust, dirt, bird droppings, and acidic rain can take a toll on these protective layers. Regular maintenance helps to prevent these contaminants from embedding into the coating, which can cause damage and reduce its effectiveness.

Consistent care will keep the surface smooth and hydrophobic, enabling it to repel dirt and water, which results in a self-cleaning effect. Moreover, neglecting the upkeep can lead to aesthetic issues, such as staining and hazing, and might even void your warranty. Care for your ceramic coating and paint protection film is an investment in your car’s future, preserving its appeal and value for years to come.

To ensure the longevity of your PPF and Ceramic Coating, and keep your vehicle looking its best, it’s crucial to adhere to the right maintenance procedures.


Please wait at least two weeks before washing your car to allow sufficient curing time for the PPF and Ceramic Coating. When you do wash it, we recommend using the two-bucket hand wash method for optimal results.


Waxing is not recommended for ceramic-coated vehicles or vehicles with ceramic-infused PPF. The coating itself provides all the protection your car needs.

Car Washes

We advise against using drive-through car washes as they can be abrasive and potentially damage the protective coating. Hand washing is always the best and safest option.

Mobile Auto Detailing: A Trustworthy Option

Choosing a reputable mobile auto detailing company to care for your vehicle is a wise decision. These professionals are trained to maintain the integrity of your Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Ceramic Coating, ensuring that your car remains in top condition for a longer period. A reputable mobile auto detailing service will use gentle, car-friendly cleaning materials, and their expertise allows them to spot and address potential issues before they escalate. This preventive approach can extend the lifespan of your protective coatings and help preserve the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

Conversely, relying on gas stations for car washing can put your vehicle at risk. Gas station car washes often use harsh soaps and high-pressure water jets which can degrade your PPF and Ceramic Coating over time. Moreover, their cleaning equipment is not always maintained well, which can lead to scratches or other damage to your car’s exterior. To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your PPF and Ceramic Coating, it’s best to avoid gas station car washes and entrust your vehicle’s care to a trusted mobile auto detailing company.

We also highly recommend using XPEL authorized products, which are specifically designed to maintain PPF and Ceramic Coatings. These include:

Recommended Aftercare Products

  1. AMERICANA GLOBAL – CERAMIC AFTERCARE SOAP: This 2-in-1 automotive shampoo is designed with aggressive surfactants that remove contaminants from ceramic coatings, leaving a clean, smooth surface. It is perfect for eliminating caked-on debris and sticky substances, helping to maintain the hydrophobic and protective qualities of the ceramic coating.
  2. AMERICANA GLOBAL – CERAMIC GLASS CLEANER: This advanced, non-streaking glass cleaner removes contamination while leaving a protective coating intact. It effectively cleans the toughest grime, such as oil, dirt, and fingerprints, without any ammonia-based ingredients. The product also leaves a lasting protective coating on your glass surface.
  3. AMERICANA GLOBAL – DETAIL SPRAY: This ready-to-use waterless wash and detailing spray has a light amount of SiO2 and reduced solvents. It can be used between maintenance washes or as a standalone product on uncoated vehicles, providing up to 2 months of hydrophobic protection while enhancing your vehicle’s paint with a deep, rich shine and slickness.
  4. AMERICANA GLOBAL – RINSELESS WASH: This concentrated, eco-friendly, rinse-free solution has been formulated for various cleaning and detailing tasks. It works on a range of substrates, including ceramic-coated vehicles, non-coated paint, glass, trim, chrome, vinyl, and paint protection film.
  5. AMERICANA GLOBAL – TIRE & TRIM: This innovative and eco-friendly protectant and shine enhancer produces a long-lasting finish with a deep luster and smooth shine. The unique color-matching technology helps restore weather-damaged tires and trim to their original condition.
  6. AMERICANA GLOBAL – WHEEL & TIRE: This new evolution of wheel and tire cleaners helps streamline the detailing process. It’s a non-acid, high-foaming formulation that cuts through brake dust, grime, corrosion, dirt, and old caked-on tire dressings.
  7. CLEANER: Use this product to remove bird droppings, bugs, and tree sap from coated surfaces. It’s ideal for cleaning surfaces covered with PPF.
  8. STANDARD PRO MICROFIBER TOWELS: These professional-grade pink microfiber towels are used by pros during installation or aftercare maintenance. They’re plush, soft, and designed to reduce micro-marring on painted surfaces. These towels are washable and reusable, providing you with quality care for your vehicle.

These products offer superior results, helping maintain the integrity and longevity of your PPF and Ceramic Coating.

DIY: Step-by-Step Guide to Washing and Caring for Your Newly Coated Vehicle

Step 1: Initial Curing

After the application of Paint Protection Film (PPF) or Ceramic Coating, allow at least two weeks for the products to cure properly. Avoid washing your vehicle during this period.

Step 2: Prepare Your Washing Tools

Gather your cleaning products. We recommend the AMERICANA GLOBAL – CERAMIC AFTERCARE SOAP for a thorough cleanse and the STANDARD PRO MICROFIBER TOWELS for gentle, effective drying.

Step 3: Hand-washing

Begin washing your car using the two-bucket method. Fill one bucket with a mixture of water and AMERICANA GLOBAL – CERAMIC AFTERCARE SOAP. The second bucket should contain just water for rinsing your cloth. Start from the top of the vehicle and work your way down, rinsing your cloth frequently.

Step 4: Rinsing

After washing, rinse your vehicle thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residues.

Step 5: Drying

Use the STANDARD PRO MICROFIBER TOWELS to gently dry your vehicle. Start from the top and work your way down, ensuring no water spots are left behind.

Step 6: Glass Cleaning

Use the AMERICANA GLOBAL – CERAMIC GLASS CLEANER to clean the glass parts of your vehicle. Spray it on the glass surface and wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth.

Step 7: Detailing

For detailing and maintaining a shiny look between washes, apply the AMERICANA GLOBAL – DETAIL SPRAY. Spray it on your vehicle and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth for a glossy finish.

Step 8: Tire and Trim Care

To restore weather-damaged tires and trim to their original condition, apply the AMERICANA GLOBAL – TIRE & TRIM protectant and shine enhancer. Follow the directions on the bottle for best results.

Step 9: Wheel Cleaning

Use the AMERICANA GLOBAL – WHEEL & TIRE cleaner to cut through brake dust, grime, and old tire dressing. Follow the directions on the bottle for best results.

Remember to regularly check your PPF and Ceramic Coatings for any potential issues. Should you notice bird droppings, bugs, or tree sap on your coated surfaces, use XPEL – CLEANER for effective spot cleaning. For regular maintenance of coated surfaces and  PPF, XPEL – CARE is recommended.

Following these steps will ensure your vehicle looks its best while maximizing the longevity of your PPF and Ceramic Coating.

Annual Routine Inspections at TINT 360

To keep your warranty in place, it is crucial to schedule annual routine inspections for your Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Ceramic Coated vehicles at TINT 360. These inspections are designed to ensure the longevity and integrity of your vehicle’s coating and film. They also help us identify any potential issues or damage early, so they can be addressed promptly to prevent further deterioration. The inspections involve a thorough examination of the PPF and Ceramic Coating for signs of wear, degradation, or damage, as well as a review of your vehicle’s overall condition. By adhering to this annual inspection schedule, we can maintain the high-quality finish of your vehicle, keep your warranty intact, and ensure your investment in PPF and Ceramic Coating continues to provide value.

During these routine inspections, you have the option to avail our detailing services and add a booster to your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. Opting in for this additional service enhances the longevity of your vehicle’s protection and fortifies its resistance against damage. This is a great investment to ensure your protection stays intact. These annual visits encompassing detailed inspections, reapplications, and other services can range anywhere from $300 to $500. This variation in cost depends on whether you choose to have additional applications reapplied. While reapplications are entirely optional, they are highly recommended for maintaining optimum protection.

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