February 3, 2023

6 Secrets to Keeping a Vehicle Looking New

Protect Your Vehicle Before You Drive It

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  • Be proactive and protect the vehicle before it sees the road
  • Invest in Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coating Package to protect the car’s paint from dirt, grime, and other harsh elements
  • Invest in XPEL XR BLACK automotive window film to protect the full interior of the vehicle including the upholstery, seats and dash
  • Wash & maintain your vehicle regularly with the help of an experienced auto car detailer
  • Avoid cheap and harsh chemicals that use our XPEL aftercare product line offered at TINT 360

Keeping a vehicle in tip-top shape long after you’ve purchased and driven it is no small feat. You’ll need to keep up with regular maintenance and be proactive about protecting it against potential hazards. Luckily, there are several tactics you can use to preserve your car’s original shine for years to come. Here are six secrets that will help you maintain a new-looking vehicle.

1. Protect Your Vehicle Before You Drive It 

Every new car owner is overly excited to drive their new car. You bought the car because you loved it, but not so fast. If you want to preserve your vehicle and its paint along with the interior, it’s important to protect the vehicle before it gets out on the roadway and experiences environmental elements, dirt, and grime.

A professional and reputable service center like TINT 360 can present all of the different vehicle protection options that are available to you based on your lifestyle, expectations, and how long you’re planning on keeping the vehicle. Once you have selected the best package that suits your needs, then we bring your newly delivered vehicle into our facility and begin the protection process.

2. Invest in Self-Healing Paint Protection Film

The very best way to protect your vehicle from environmental damage is by investing in  paint protection, a film by XPEL. This clear, sick, and extremely hydrophobic polyurethane material shields from damage. Your car’s paint from grime, bird droppings dirt scratches, swirl marks, and other harsh environmental elements are bound to diminish the newness of the vehicle’s paint. Paint protection film also helps to prevent minor scratches and dings from occurring.  paint protection film by XPEL is available at XPEL’s dealer TINT 360 in North Phoenix, so you should have no problem finding it.

3. Invest in XPEL Ultimate Armor Ceramic Coating Package

For many decades, wax and other materials were the number one thing to reach for when it came to maintaining the look of the paint of a vehicle. But that is now part of the past and the best new way to protect your vehicle’s paint is by investing in XPEL‘s permanent, ceramic coating application packages. wax is dead now, and can never compete with the amazing ceramic coating products manufactured by XPEL. This application offers twice the hardness strength of traditional professional-grade coatings. Its thick and durable characteristics leave an extremely high-gloss appearance and the hydrophobic finish repels liquids and various contaminants that cut down the life of a vehicle’s original shine. 

4. Invest in a High-Grade Nano-Ceramic Tint 

A high-grade nano-ceramic window film will not only protect its passengers but will also protect the interior upholstery and dash of the vehicle for many years to come. The sun is brutal, especially in climates like Arizona. With the dry heat, and the harmful UV rays it is inevitable the sun will damage the interior of your vehicle. This damage can result in cracking color, fading, seat rotting with other types of damage. A high-grade nano-ceramic window film is applied to every piece of glass in the vehicle every side roll-down window, small wing windows, rear windows, panoramic roofs, or sunroofs, along with the full front windshield. These films will keep the sun out and its harmful UV rays and will protect the interior of your vehicle at the highest level.

5. Wash and maintain your car regularly.

It sounds pretty obvious, but if you want to keep your car looking new it’s important that you maintain it properly. A professional and experienced detailer will use specialized products, tools, and techniques to restore your vehicle’s exterior without causing any damage to the paint protection film (PPF) or the XPEL coatings that have been applied and the paint underneath them.

An experienced car detailer will know what mild soaps and water solutions to use during your maintenance washes. We recommend supplying your own aftercare XPEL products sold here at TINT 360 in Deer Valley for all maintenance washes. 

6. Avoid Cheap Auto Detailing Products 

Using strong harsh cleaning chemicals can strip away the protective, ceramic coating and paint protection film that has been applied and even damage the original paint job, leaving your car vulnerable to dirt crime, and other environmental factors. Set to high-grade and high-quality cleaning solutions by XPELs aftercare product line sold at 10 360 to utilize for all of your car’s maintenance washes.

Commonly Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should I use to clean my vehicle?

It is critical to use the right cleaning solutions for your vehicles, interior and exterior to avoid damage or discoloration. For exterior use are XPELs, aftercare, and wash system specifically designed for vehicles that have been ceramic coated and protected in our paint protection film. These gentle, yet effective solutions have been designed specifically for vehicles to remove dirt dust, and other contaminants, without stripping away, the ceramic coating or the paint protection film finish. For the interior, use a mild cleaner with no harsh chemicals, or additives, such as ammonia, bleach, or thick oils on plastic services or interior car leather.

How do I take care of my vehicle’s interior upholstery? 

Vacuuming your vehicle is essential to remove any dirt or debris that has built up over time, furthermore, to be proactive to stains and other buildup consider our XPEL interior ceramic coating application to repel against any unforeseen spills and stains that cause permanent damage and the unappealing eye soar of staining. The interior XPEL interior coating method will help keep the upholstery in excellent condition, and with regular vehicle detailing maintenance, your vehicle interior will stay much cleaner and look like new for more extended periods.

ceramic coating application

In Summary

Protecting your new off-the-lot vehicle before it sees the road with the right paint protection and interior protection products by a skilled and reputable company like TINT 360 is the key to maintaining a new-looking vehicle, along with keeping up with regular maintenance. With these helpful tips, you can be sure your vehicle will stay in immaculate condition for as long as you are on it.

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