Tesla Protection Phoenix, AZ

Do you want to give your Tesla the protection it needs while getting to personalize it? Unlike others, at TINT 360 in Phoenix, AZ, we know that your car means a lot to you and that you need to be able to personalize it so that it shows the world your personal style. It is because of this that we are excited to introduce you to our Tesla Shield service, a standout solution that is created to guard the vehicles and which customization is incorporated into it. Our crew uses the latest technology and materials, and offers XPEL premium paint protection, window tinting, and interior enhancements, customized for you. Whether it is adding style to your Tesla, enhancing your privacy, or shielding it from the exterior environment, TINT 360 is all-inclusive in meeting your needs. Let us turn your Tesla into a unique creation that gives you the best by keeping it in perfect condition at all times.

What is Tesla Protection?

TINT 360 Tesla Protection is a complete service that aims to maintain the Tesla’s look, inside and out, shielding it from wear and tear and the harsh effects of the environment. The services we provide include protective measures that are adjusted to keep your vehicle attractive and functioning in a diverse manner. Utilizing the innovative XPEL paint protection film advanced technology, we provide you with the best solutions against light damage from scratches and UVs, in combination with the privacy and temperature control from our high-end window tints, ensuring that your Tesla not only looks good but lasts longer.


Secondly, our interior protection options will keep your Tesla cabin in this way – the cabin will have a new and fresh look due to our protection that covers against spill, wear, and tear. By utilizing the Tesla Protection Phoenix, AZ by TINT 360, not only will your vehicle get noticed for its sleek looks, but it will also be the most durable one providing you with much-needed peace of mind as well as protecting your investment.

We Know Tesla

We are known for our premium service and expert craftsmanship at TINT 360. Each member of our team is highly skilled and meticulously focused on every minute detail that can significantly affect the look and durability of our protection packages. If you want more information about our services or any service package, do not hesitate to contact us our Phoenix, AZ based team!

When it comes to maintaining or upgrading your car, there are different options you can think of. You may choose to go for full coverage for the XPEL Paint Protection Films or choose any particular area of your car.


Tesla Paint protection film in Phoenix, AZ

Preserve the pristine condition of your Tesla’s exterior with our Paint Protection Film. This transparent, durable layer acts as a shield against scratches, stone chips, and environmental contaminants, ensuring your vehicle maintains its showroom shine and color vibrancy for years to come.


Tesla window tint in Phoenix, AZ

Elevate your Tesla’s aesthetic and comfort with our premium Window Tint service. Not only does it enhance privacy, but it also provides superior UV protection and heat reduction, creating a cooler, more secure cabin environment for you and your passengers.


Tesla Ceramic Coating in Phoenix, AZ

Give your Tesla an unmatched glossy finish and advanced protection with our Ceramic Coating service. This nano-ceramic shield bonds with your vehicle’s paint, offering a long-lasting barrier against water, dirt, and sunlight, simplifying maintenance and cleaning efforts.

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Tesla Wheel in Phoenix, AZ

Protect and personalize your Tesla’s wheels with our specialized services. From durable coatings that defend against brake dust and corrosion to custom wheel designs, we ensure your Tesla stands out while offering enhanced protection against the elements.

Tesla Protection & Customization

With TINT 360, we are experts in both the protection of your Tesla and its appearance customization, so that your Tesla’s style can fit you and the Tesla’s safety is also ensured. Our service provides the customization of your Tesla in order to meet your needs. The protection is offered with the choices of customization. Our arsenal goes from the XPEL paint protection film that keeps your Tesla away from bad weather to the window films that make it shine and last longer. Besides, not only do we customize the wheels and interior, but we can also customize your Tesla in whatever manner you want which is your style on the road. Rest assured that you can get your Tesla the ultimate protection and a unique outer look with us at TINT 360.

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