February 21, 2023

Window Tint Cost For Cars in Arizona

Window Tint Cost For Cars in Arizona

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  • Window Tint Cost For Cars in Arizona
  • Understand the different window tinting costs or a coupe, sedan, truck and SUV
  • The importance of not shopping by price
  • Cost determined by the grade of tint
  • Warranty
  • Auto window tint laws by location

Auto window tint technology has come so far, and the Arizona hot summer sun is the number one reason why many car owners choose to have their vehicle windows tinted. With pricing and quotes all over the board, we want to give you the tools in order to make a decision that you are confident about in the long-term.

Cost for Window Tinting

The cost for auto window tints can vary between different window tint brands in the marketplace. Making a final selection based on the window tint grade itself, the specifications, how much heat the auto tint rejects the overall cost are all examples of the different factors that car owners explore while shopping around for their vehicle.

Here at TINT 360 our best advice for anyone looking to tint their vehicle in 2023 is to find a well qualified and recommended automotive center that has great reviews and only sells and installs high-quality and high-performance window tint products for vehicles. Although we fully understand how important price is to many consumers, it’s just as important to understand the risks that you take when shopping for just the cheapest and least expensive price.

Installing cheap and unreliable automotive tints on a vehicle can do more harm than good. While it may look good directly after installation, after time has passed, and the sun has done its damage, cheap window tints can fail, corrode, and even ruin the glass on any vehicle. Costing the vehicle owner hundreds if not thousands of dollars to have it removed and properly replaced from a qualified and reputable window tint, auto center like TINT 360 in Phoenix. In some cases automotive glass, damaged by cheap window film can require the glass itself to be replaced in order to correct the failing window film. Poor solutions and adhesives are not removed easily which forces the vehicle owner to replace the glass in order to be able to resolve any haziness and distortion from their line of sight, caused by the effects of low grade, cheap window, tint, products, and installs.

Taking your vehicle to a reputable and high quality automotive center from the get go can save you, hundreds if not, thousands of dollars. The price that you will pay by having your windows professionally tinted will save you from headaches and hassle down the road.

At our automotive restyling center in North Phoenix, we only install high-grade nano ceramic auto window tints. We do not sell dyed or cheap auto tint materials in our automotive restyling center. We only install the best products that money can buy.

Another important reason why we only install high grade nano-ceramic automotive window tint is due to the hot and dry climate that we experience in the Arizona desert. With summer temperatures rising as hot as 130° it is only the best products made with nano-ceramic technology that will be able to withstand these drastic temperatures in climate. Dyed and cheaper metallized window tint products will not give car owners the heat, rejection and performance needed to drive comfortably.

Now that you know the importance of high quality products and high-quality auto tint let’s talk about the determining factors when it comes to the cost of window tint for your vehicle.

The Year, Make & Model of the Vehicle

Every vehicle is a different shape, size along with the number of windows it has. 4 door cars, coupes, trucks and SUVs all require something different. They are not all the same. For example, tinting a brand new 2023 Tesla Model versus a 2007 GMC truck are quite different. A Tesla Model requires more heat shrinking of the window tint itself on each side roll down window, and rear window where the truck requires no heat shrinking, but needs the sills taped off and the sweeps removed. These will always be an important factor when getting a price to tint your vehicle.

Some vehicles will take more time to tint than others. Older vehicles may require more prep time and cleaning, than a brand new vehicle.

Existing Window Tint Removal on Car

Many car owners do not consider existing tint removal when getting their vehicle tinted. Oftentimes a car owner doesn’t even know that their vehicle already has an aftermarket window. Tint applied to the glass on all of their car windows. Before installing a new auto window tint the old window tint must be removed properly. This is especially important when protecting and preserving the new window film so it can last for many years to come.

Some existing window tint removal’s are very challenging. The grade of auto film was applied to the windows, how long it’s been on the windows, and if it is already failing or delaminating itself are all important factors when it comes to removal times.

The cost for removal is separate from the cost of the installation. The cost of removal will always be added on top of the new auto window tint installation cost.

Selected Auto Tint Grade & Performance

As you may have already read in our previous article on the different types of auto window tints available for vehicles, you have discovered that there are several different options to choose from. Depending on the type of window film selected, its performance, the level of heat rejection and warranty program attached, pricing will definitely change depending upon what you want to have installed on your personal car or truck.

For example, a high-grade hybrid nano-ceramic auto tint such as our XPEL XR PLUS Ceramic Film by XPEL will give you the best driving experience available to you. Contrary to that, a lower grade auto tint option such a cheaper dyed film that will only last at best up to one year will cost less on the first go round, but will not offer nearly as much heat rejection as the XPEL XR PLUS or last as long.

So when you are shopping around, it’s always best to make sure you are comparing apples to apples. While you may receive a highly attractive price when you inquire with an automotive tinting provider, they may not be offering you the best product. It is best to gather information based on the grade of the product, the performance of the product and the warranty program tied to the product and the installation itself. Down the road you will be glad you went with a better product and spent more money upfront to save yourself the headache.

Average Tinting Prices for Coupe, Sedans, SUVs & Trucks at TINT 360

XPEL XR PLUS Nano-Ceramic Window Tint will be our highest selling auto window tint for any vehicle. With its nano-ceramic technology giving it 98% infrared heat rejecting performance, and available in all the different levels of darkness (available in 5% limo tint) this is definitely a hot item, and for good reason.

Below you will find general pricing for each vehicle type.

Coupe Sides & Rear Windows starting at $500
Sedan Sides & Rear Windows starting at $550
Midsize SUV Sides & Rear Windows starting at $600
4 Door Truck Sides & Rear Windows starting at $650
Tesla Model Sides & Rear Windows starting at $800 installed 

Every vehicle type is different and this is just a general idea on pricing for our highest performance auto tint product available. This pricing includes all of the side windows and the back window only. The front windshield and sunroof are not included in these prices. Front windshield tint, and sunroof/moonroof auto tint is an additional add-on, and have their own individual pricing and package.

Tinting your full front windshield has many benefits when it comes to skin protection and heat rejection. A full front windshield tint gives you the ultimate driving experience and comfort.

Another incredible benefit to a fully tinted vehicle is the ability for the window film to keep the glass intact and shatter resistant if the glass were to ever become cracked or broken. The auto window tint ultimately holds the glass together, and in place, preventing it from shattering into thousands of little pieces inside the vehicle. It increased safety from this perspective.

Cost of Shade & Visible Light Transmittance (VLT%)

Many automotive window tint centers charge for different levels of darkness of the window tint itself. At TINT 360 we do not charge for shade. You can choose exactly how light or dark you would like your car window tint to be, and the price will not fluctuate.

The driving factor behind pricing will always boil down to the type of automotive window tint you decide to have applied to your cars windows such as our XPEL XR PLUS, XPEL XR BLACK or our CS window film option. Each film type that we have available is offered in a variety of different shades. You choose your level of darkness or lightness.

Another great benefit of purchasing a higher performance auto window tint option is that you don’t darken the windows on your vehicle. There are clear auto tints available that block 98% of infrared heat and reject 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

Saving Money by Tinting Your Car Yourself (D.I.Y Window Tint)

Buying an auto window tint kit online to install it yourself may seem like a cheap and convenient option. However, taking the DIY route isn’t always a more affordable alternative, than hiring in auto window tint, professional installer from the get-go.

Applying a DIY window tint, can’t require specific tools and skillset. Even if you have experience cleaning and detailing vehicles, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll do a sufficient job, applying the window tint yourself. With that do it yourself auto window tinting kits, you have to ensure that the modification you make to your car is within your states legal limits. In addition to that, there is an increased chance of your tint bubbling up, causing you to have to restart the entire tinting process from the beginning.

You can easily skip over all of the legal concerns, the frustration of applying your own auto window tint, and the added cost of having to repurchase a tinting kit by going to a nearby auto tint shop such as TINT 360.

We highly encourage you to get your windows tinted by a pro today

You can expect to pay between $99 and $850 or more for auto window tint, which will vary, depending on how many windows, the type of tint, your vehicle type, and the size of the windows. However, we can ensure that you taking your car to a professional will be your best bet. Click here to find the nearest window tint shop using our TINT 360 locator.


In Summary

While shopping around it can be tempting to only shop by price, but in return it’s important to understand why shopping by price is not your best practice. When looking for car window tinting always consider quality and craftsmanship. That will cost you a little more money, but the risk of settling for a low-grade product can end up costing you a lot more down the road, literally!

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