February 1, 2023

Finding the Right Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coating Provider For Your Vehicle

Finding the Right Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coating Provider For Your Vehicle

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When you’re  in the market for the paint protection products for your vehicle, it’s really important to look at all the different factors and ask the right questions. Not every option is suitable for everyone, and it really boils down to your needs, how long you plan on keeping the vehicle, and what type of driving you will be doing.

Keep reading to learn more about the importance of connecting with a reputable and honest provider like TINT 360 when seeking products and services such as paint protection film, ceramic coating and automotive window tinting.

Eliminate the Struggle Before it Happens when Finding the Right Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coating Provider for Your Vehicle

There are a variety of ceramic coating and paint protection products everywhere. The noise from every manufacturer and carrier can be a bit overwhelming for the consumer. With so many options to choose from, which product should one go with? From different brands to finding a professional we are are covering what to look for in this article.

Being consumers ourselves, we understand the importance of not only shopping by price but rather overall value especially when it comes to products applied to your vehicle with the intent to protect it from some of the harshest climate and roadway conditions. You want to make sure that your financial investment will go the distance and last for as long as you own your vehicle, and then some which leads into my next point.

You will find pricing all across the board from different providers valleywide but be sure that you dig further into what exactly you’re being quoted on what name brand products they plan to apply. There are products out there that are not suitable and are not safe for vehicles, paints, and even glass. These products can actually be very harmful, and oftentimes the consumer doesn’t understand the threat of bad products until they begin to fail, shortly after they have already made the investment.

Some providers carry a supply of cheap, well-branded products that they purchase from overseas, allowing higher profit margins for the retailer, but an unreliable install long-term for the client. From a marketing perspective many of the products showcased are very appealing however, they are not the safest or quality-grade products. In fact, applying a low grade product can cause more harm than good and can potentially cost a vehicle owner thousands of dollars down the road to correct the failing product. I know what most are thinking, “But the shop is providing me with a guarantee and warranty.” A warranty is only as good as the company standing behind it.

Don’t fall into the trap of low bids and empty promises. Operations that quote low prices will more than likely not be around in years to come which leaves customers with an out of service phone number, a shutdown webpage and an empty storefront. With no one to call or contact to fix everything that went wrong with the bad products, that the retailer knew wouldn’t last all along.

Although the price and marketing may be very very attractive, it could end up costing a vehicle owner thousands of dollars down the road to have these issues corrected properly from a professional facility such as TINT 360 in North Phoenix. Removals and paint corrections are very time consuming and costly so our advice is to always do things right the first time. This means with the right high-grade paint protection film,  ceramic coating and window film products so that you never have to revisit another service center again and most importantly, pay out of pocket again.

Our consultation process, application process and warranty program is straightforward, yet thorough.The reason for that is we respect your time and hard earned money.  Our goal is to deliver right the first time, and you only come back to see us when you have purchased a new vehicle.

Paint Protection Film consultation process banner

Our Paint Protection Process


  • This is where we ask you questions in order to fill the need and offer suggestions that we fill are the most suitable for you and your vehicle


  • This is where we show you how the products work, what you can expect to gain from each of them
  • Step inside our facility and see where you vehicle will be worked on, and also allow you to have an inside peek at other projects that are underway

Provide Pricing & Lead Time 

  • This is where we set the expectations and you know exactly what you will be spending and how long we will need your vehicle for. We are transparent, honest and crystal clear about what you can expect from our team at TINT 360


  • This is where we provide you with open days and times open that you can drop off your vehicle your full protection package application process for your vehicle

Application Process

  • Your vehicle will be fully detailed, prepped, decontaminated and ready for installation. Once your vehicle is fully prepped we will begin applying each product in an orderly fashion with window tint being applied first, paint protection film second and ceramic coating last. Once each product has been applied the vehicle will sit during our curing process


  • Once the vehicle is safe to be release your installation technician will conduct a final inspection and walk through to ensure that everything is in mint condition and ready for you to take it

2 Week In-person Check Up

  • After two weeks of your initial installation we want you to come in for a brief inspection of the paint protection film, ceramic coating and window tint. This is where your installer will look over each area of the vehicle to ensure that everything looks great and you are all set

Annual Inspection

  • We would like to see your vehicle back once a year for an annual inspection of the ceramic coating, paint protection film and window tint. We guarantee our work and honor our warranties, so if anything needs to be touched up then we will make sure that is done. All ceramic coatings must come in for an annual inspection. The annual inspection includes – exterior wash, decontamination and inspection and possible reapplication of the coating. The fee is determined upon the condition and current pricing.

Paint Protection Film Inspection

From our paint protection Films to our ceramic coatings, and even our window films all of the products that we offer are going to be well manufactured products from a reputable source, such as XPEL dealer we are held to a very high standard. From the condition of our showroom to our application process and even the way our employees conduct themselves is always taken into account. This ensures that our customers are getting the treatment and the outcomes that they wanted for success.

The professionals within the TINT 360 organization fully understand that consumer has many different options available to them, and we bring a great amount of value to them from how we answer the phone to how we conduct our consultations to our applications. We hold ourselves to a very high standard, and make our process as easy as possible so that consumers can spend less time focusing on the project and more time on just making a decision that best suits their needs so that they can move on with their life and their new vehicle as quickly as possible.

We would love to be your first choice and we promise to always deliver. Only the best customer service and products available in the marketplace today. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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