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We’re delighted to welcome you to our TINT 360 location in Avondale, Arizona! Situated in the lively heart of the Sonoran Desert, we’re privileged to provide top-notch window tinting services to our local community. If your aim is to reduce intense sunlight, increase privacy, or keep your vehicle’s interior cool in the sunny Avondale weather, TINT 360 is your trusted solution. Our team of seasoned experts uses premium materials and cutting-edge techniques. Your satisfaction is our mission, and we strive to exceed your expectations. Join the growing number of Avondale residents who rely on TINT 360 for all their window tinting needs. Contact us today for a free quote or to book an appointment. We look forward to serving you in Avondale, Arizona.

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Comprehensive Car Protection Services in Avondale, Arizona

TINT 360

Paint Protection Avondale AZ

TINT 360

Here at TINT 360, we’re not just about window tinting—we’re your one-stop-shop for automotive protection services in Avondale, Arizona. Our broad range of services guarantees your vehicle stays cool and guarded under the radiant desert sun.


You, your car, and your passengers will spend many miles together. From deep tints to clear shields, our automotive films make those miles under the Arizona sun calmer, cooler, happier and much more stylish with XPEL automotive films Avondale AZ. Get your car, truck, or SUV windows tinted with TINT 360! We also service boats, RVs, and construction vehicles too!

Quality: Better

XPEL XR BLACK high-performance dual layer automotive window tint

Window Film is engineered with nano-ceramic particles and infrared blocking materials, which keeps up to 90% of heat producing (IR) infrared heat from entering your vehicle. Additional proprietary technology ensures zero signal interference, with superior clarity, available in multiple VLTs – each backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY.
Quality: Premium

XPEL XR PLUS premium automotive window film

XPEL XR PLUS is the ultimate Automotive Window Film Avondale AZ. Manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, XPEL has infused a proprietary formulation of nano-ceramic technology with an IR layer to deliver excellent Heat Rejection, Glare Control and UV protection that is metal-free, supporting signal clarity for all types of electronic devices. IR blocks up to 99%+ of cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays and filters 96% of infrared heat.

XPEL XR PLUS Window Tint Film carries a nationwide LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Revolutionary Ceramic Coating In Avondale AZ

Elevate your vehicle’s look and protection with our ceramic coating service. This innovative coating gives a sleek, glossy finish that repels dust, water, and minor scratches. It also makes car washing a breeze, as dirt simply washes away. Opt for our ceramic coating for easy maintenance and enduring shine.

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Outstanding Window Tinting In Avondale AZ

Our window tinting service is second to none. In addition to reducing glare and enhancing privacy, our window tints also offer protection against UV rays, preserving your car’s interior and protecting you from harmful solar radiation. Choose from a variety of shades and grades to match your unique style and comfort preference.

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Premium Paint Protection Film In Avondale AZ

Guard your vehicle from the harsh desert environment with our first-class paint protection film. This sturdy layer protects your vehicle from the fierce Arizona sun, road debris, and scratches, preserving the paint’s pristine condition. Rely on us for precise and careful application of this protective film, providing an undetectable shield that keeps your car’s original appearance intact.

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TINT 360 is your reliable partner for automotive protection in Avondale, Arizona, offering premium services like paint protection film, window tint, and ceramic coatings. Sticking to the high-quality standards of our primary branch in North Phoenix, AZ, TINT 360 Avondale, Arizona, is dedicated to providing exceptional protective solutions for your cherished car or luxury daily vehicle. We pride ourselves in applying a wide variety of automotive films, specializing in self-healing PPF film and window tint, regarded as the industry’s top window tinting film. These core services are the heart of our daily work at our expanded Avondale, Arizona facilities. We also offer high-quality paint correction to ensure a flawless finish before applying any protective products. If you’re in Avondale, Arizona, or nearby, trust TINT 360 for your car’s clear bra protection. We promise to get it right the first time.

paint protection Avondale AZ

Services we offer

Paint Protection Avondale AZ (Ultimate Armor)

Ultimate Protection

Shield your vehicle's paint with XPEL Ultimate Protection to prevent scratches, stains, and harmful contaminants.

paint protection Peoria AZ (Window Tint)

Window Tint

Window Tinting Avondale AZ is a great way to protect your car from UV rays, while also improving the look and feel of the interior.

paint protection Goodyear AZ

Paint Protection Film

Ceramic Infused paint protection Avondale AZ is a clear coat applied to your vehicle that actively heals against UV rays. It's commonly known as a "clear bra."

paint protection Prescott AZ (Ceramic Coating)

Ceramic Coating

XPEL is a multi-layer clear liquid coating that transforms into a permanent and durable nano-ceramic coating.

paint protection Scottsdale AZ (car wraps phoenix)


If you want your vehicle to have a more professional look, adding graphics or branding elements can do wonders.

paint protection Surprise AZ (Tesla Customization)

Tesla Customization

Customize your Tesla to the max! Make it your own with wraps, wheels, interiors, and more.

paint protection Tempe AZ (EV Protection)

EV Protection

Protect your Electric Vehicle with our ultimate protection, window tint, ppf, ceramic coating and wraps.


Want to completely change the color of your car? Maybe add vehicle graphics or branding to your van, or make sure your paintwork isn’t getting chipped or scratched? Contact us about our 3M vehicle wraps.

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paint protection Avondale AZ

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Our well-equipped automotive facility in Avondale AZ provides a convenient service that everyday drivers and car enthusiasts can rely on with an easy consult and booking process. We will have you and your vehicle back on the road in no time.

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TINT 360 in Avondale, Arizona, is proud of our professional installation of flat glass window film in diverse settings— homes, companies, retail outlets, and more. Catering to all locations in and around Avondale, our impressive array of flat glass window films is engineered to manage heat, provide UV protection, and defend your precious belongings from sun damage. Our films, with the perfect balance of IR heat control, not only ensure a comfortable interior environment, but also contribute to lowering your energy bills. For added privacy, our reflective films give an effective reduction in daytime visibility. Rely on the expertise of TINT 360 for professionally installed window film in Avondale, Arizona.



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“Amazing experiences as a repeat customer, I can say I’m very happy with all 3 vehicles I’ve brought to them for automotive window tinting. The customer service and the products they use are all top shelf quality. They have earned a customer for life.”



5 Stars

“Love this place! The one stop shop for decals, tinting and much more! These guys did buildings for me and my personal truck! The service and the product is unbeatable!“



5 Stars

“The best window tinting company out there. Jena was incredibly responsive and was able to give me a quote quickly. The price was also incredibly fair.”


paint protection Avondale AZ


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Our automotive window tinting service enhances the appearance of your car while offering protection from harmful UV rays, reducing heat and glare inside the car, and improving the overall driving experience. Our commercial and residential film options offer privacy, security, and energy efficiency benefits, making your space comfortable and cost-effective.

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