Llumar Window Film Sample Tints

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In our industry, we typically meet clients who are trying to decide between installing window films, window treatments, replacing their windows entirely, and sometimes other very obscure solutions. We will be the first to admit that window films are not the answer to every problem. However, they often seem to be an easier and more affordable solution that isn’t as widely recognized as some other options.

Window Film Saves Homeowners & Building Owners From Full Window Replacement 

Today, TINT 360 explores the ways in which installing residential and commercial window film can save you both time and money when compared to replacing your windows. Keep reading to learn more, and contact us today to learn more about window tinting in Phoenix.

Window Film Saves Time

A full window replacement is the first thing that comes to mind when people think of improving the look and energy-efficiency of their home or building. In the case of damaged windows or air and moisture leakage, a window replacement is often necessary.  On the other hand, if your windows are still in great shape and do not have any structural issues, then window film alone may be able to drastically increase their performance. 

Compared to a window replacement, window films are much more affordable and less cumbersome to install. A window film installation can be completed in a fraction of the time and typically does not require heavy machinery that is loud and disruptive to tenants or employees. While the full window replacement process can take months to complete from start to finish, we can execute your job, from the consultation to completion, in a matter of weeks. 

Window Film Saves Money

Window treatments are another common option that we see. If complete privacy is paramount, and you are not concerned about obstructing the view out of your windows, then window treatments may be the right fit for you. That said, if you would like to maintain your view and natural light source while also protecting against 99.9% of UV rays, then window films are the most beneficial option.

Window Film Creates a Unique Look

In our more than a decade in the window film industry, and with thousands of successful installations under our belt, we have also come across some rather odd solutions as well. We have heard of people painting windows, covering them in plastic, or using a film that is not suitable for the window type, ultimately leading to damaged and broken glass. This is why we stress seeking a professional in the industry to ensure that you don’t create a bigger problem than the one you started with. 

Window Film Does Not Disrupt Your Daily Life

We value your partnership and will always be honest in what we think will yield the best results for you. As experts in our industry, we will be happy to weigh out your options with you to find the right fit, even if that means going with another product other than window film. Not only that, during the entire process, we go above and beyond to create as little disruption to your routine and daily operation as possible.

Experience the Benefits of Top-Quality Window Film

If you are ready to learn more about a window film installation for your home or business, then the TINT 360 team is excited to assist you! We offer a wide range of film solutions that we can tailor to your unique specifications and goals. Get in touch with us today to learn more about your options, and arrange your complimentary consultation in Phoneix, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, and the surrounding areas!

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