What Makes a Building Hot

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We see buildings everywhere, we visit them, and we work in them, but have you ever thought about what causes a building to become hot? Understanding the causes for temperature spikes on the exterior surfaces of any building can help us better grasp the importance of solar window film to help maintain a building’s interior temperature.

Today, TINT 360 explores how the sun makes buildings hot, and the benefits of commercial window tinting to control and reduce interior heat caused by solar rays. Keep reading to learn more!

What Causes A Building’s Temperature to Rise?

When sunlight (solar energy heat) hits your windows there are three things that can happen:

  • The energy can pass through the glass (Transmittance)
  • The energy can be reflected away from the glass (Reflectance)
  • The energy can be absorbed by the glass (Absorption)

When combined, these three factors account for 100% of the sun’s energy that hits a window, ultimately heating up the room and making it harder for the HVAC system to keep up. This results in higher energy bills each year because the HVAC must run longer to cool the building down. However, window film can combat the heat and provide a long-term solution. Here’s how!

How Can Heat Reflective Window Film Help?

Window film can fight solar heat by:

  • Creating a barrier so that the heat that passes through the glass will then hit the window film and not transmit into the room.
  • Reflecting heat away from the window.
  • Absorbing some heat into the film itself.

Discover the Benefits of Window Film for Yourself!

If you would like to learn more about how window film can keep your building cool and comfortable, contact the pros at TINT 360 for more information. Schedule your complimentary consultation for commercial window tinting today!

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