March 3, 2023

Full Ceramic Windshield Tint For Your Car, Truck & SUV

Full Ceramic Windshield Tint

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  • Learn about the benefits of tinting a full front windshield
  • Understand Arizona windshield laws
  • How to get 2 free full windshield tints per year with our No Fault Warranty
  • Windshield replacement process
  • File your windshield replacement claim now with our help

Reap all of the amazing benefits of a full windshield tint in your car, truck or SUV with our premium nano-ceramic auto tint.

Benefits of Tinting Your Full Front Windshield On Your Car, Truck & SUV

Most of the clients that we serve at TINT 360 request full front windshield tint on the vehicle, however, there are still many other people who have never heard of it or considered it.

What I like to tell every customer who is considering tint on their full front windshield is this, “Once you have your windshield tinted, you will never have an untinted windshield ever again for as long as you own a vehicle.” The comfort and coziness that full windshield tint gives are incredible.

Now, I know what many of you are thinking, “Isn’t that illegal?” And the answer to your question is yes and no. When it comes to visible light transmittance percentage (VLT%), in easier terms, the shade of the film itself, there are many different shades available. For full front windshields, there are films made specifically for windshields with safety and full visibility at the top of mind. Here at TINT 360, we offer high-performance nano-ceramic window tints specifically for windshields that are completely clear and still reduce infrared heat (IR) by up to 98%. Our XPEL XR PLUS Nano-Ceramic film for cars is the hottest and most advanced auto tints available in the market in 2023. It is ultimately clear, yet extremely satisfying when it comes to heat rejection and comfort in the vehicle’s cabin.

The emerging occurrence of malignancy, melanoma and other diseases related to UV exposure is now becoming a more concerning medical issue. Sunlight not only brings the harmful UV-rays but also infrared radiation that we sense as the feeling of warmth and heat. The original car glass surfaces cannot reject or reflect any of these light waves, so the vehicle in the summer months turns into a greenhouse. It takes time and a significant amount of car fuel for the air conditioning to cool off “the cockpit”, while in winter months the heating system requires a lot of effort to warm the car’s inside, yet glass won’t prevent the warmth from being released outwards.

Our XPEL XR PLUS Nano-Ceramic film also reduces 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and UVB rays, which are the leading cause of skin cancer, melanoma, and other skin diseases from sun damage. This auto tint is a smart skin-damage prevention method that you and your passengers can heavily rely on, and it will also protect your vehicle’s interior such as your seats, dash, center consoles, steering wheels, and more.

The front windshield is in fact the biggest piece of glass in the vehicle, which means it will bring in the most about of light and heat. While we don’t need to block out the light or visibility, keeping out the scorching heat and harmful UV rays is definitely a huge game changer.

Improve Eye Sensitivity

Another great benefit comes for drivers and passengers with eye sensitivity to bright lights, heat, or UV rays. Having a fully tinted front windshield gives greater comfort due to its high-performing nano-ceramic technology embedded in the film providing up to 98% infrared (IR) heat rejection, 67% total solar energy heat rejection (TSER), 20% glare reduction, and 99.9% of UV and UVB (ultraviolet) ray rejection. Speak with your eye care doctor about the benefits of installing a high-grade nano-ceramic auto tint to your windshield to reduce eye sensitivity, eye-watering, and protection against UV (ultraviolet) rays for your eyes.

Keep Your Pets Comfortable While Driving

Not only do humans love full windshield tint, but pets also love the advantages of a fully tinted windshield as well. Pets who ride in vehicles often love being comfortable and cool. Tinting your full-front windshield is an excellent way to keep the heat out and keep your furry family member(s) from overheating.  Since our high-performance XPEL XR PLUS nano-ceramic auto tint rejects up to 98% of infrared heat (IR) which allows cabin heat to stay out, preserving a comfortable temperature inside your vehicle’s cabin.

Increase Driving Safety

With the anti-glare properties that our full front windshield tint provides it makes driving at night and through heavy rainfalls a lot less stressful. In the case of an auto accident, a broken windshield, burglary, or theft the glass won’t shatter. With the help of the auto windshield tint, it will help hold the glass together and keep the glass intact, reducing the chance of thousands of glass particles shattering throughout the vehicle.

Economic Benefits

Due to specific thermal conductivity, XPEL XR PLUS nano-ceramic auto tint helps to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle. With less of a need to run the AC (air conditioner) or heating, this film allows vehicle owners to save on fuel costs and battery loss. Full windshield tint will also preserve the resale value of the vehicle thanks to the preserved interior.

No Signal Interference

Signal interference is always a concern for car owners. Back in the early years when nano-ceramic auto tint technology was developing and improving, many auto tints came with challenges and signal interference was one of them. Over the last several decades auto tint technology has improved significantly and is more reliable than ever before.

Quick and stable access to navigation, voice commands & phone calls is essential for a tech-savvy driver. XPEL XR PLUS is the best choice for vehicles with entertainment systems as it doesn’t interfere with the signal transmittance, unlike metalized tints.

Enjoy all the incredible benefits of full front windshield tint without the drawbacks. You can stay connected and cool all at the same time.

Windshield Tint For Personal & Professional Vehicle Use

Whether it’s an everyday vehicle or a fleet of vehicles that are on the road often, full front windshield tint application is highly beneficial. The person driving the vehicle will have a much more comfortable driving experience when the film has been applied to the glass, they will also be much safer thanks to the UV (ultraviolet) ray protection, along with the anti-shattering properties that our thick and durable XPEL XR PLUS provides.

Windshield Tint Time & Process

Our team does our very best to accommodate and make having your windshield tinted as convenient as possible without compromising the quality of our work.

Many vehicle owners will have their windshield tinted at the same time they are having all the other windows on the vehicle tinted. This makes it easy and convenient for those with busy schedules.

Having a full vehicle tinted at TINT 360 can take up to 6 hours depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle and if there is existing window tint on the vehicle already. Keep in mind, if a tint removal is required, this will extend the completion time.

Windshield tint itself only takes about one to two hours. If you plan on tinting the full front only, then this is an appointment you can wait on. We have a comfortable and convenient waiting area with wifi where clients can bring their laptops or other devices and get some work done while they wait.

Scheduling Your Full Windshield Tint

Our team can get your vehicle scheduled right away. Typically we can get vehicles in for full windshield tint within a day or two, depending on how booked up we are. However, we do our best to accommodate these types of projects as quickly as we can so car owners can get back on the road in no time.

To schedule, your appointment click here to begin


Is the windshield tint applied on the inside or outside of the glass?

All window tint is applied on the interior side of the glass. Oftentimes clients imagine the window tint is applied on the outside from seeing auto tint installation videos online, however, it is not. Forming and heat shrinking the auto tint to conform to the piece of the glass itself is in fact done on the outside of the auto glass, but when it is officially installed it will be applied on the interior side of the glass.

How long does it take to have windshield tint applied?

Windshield tint itself only takes about one to two hours. If you plan on tinting the full front only, then this is an appointment you can wait on. We have a comfortable and convenient waiting area with wifi where clients can bring their laptops or other devices and get some work done while they wait.

Can I tint my windshield if it is already cracked or broken?

If a windshield has any pre-existing cracks or damage, a credible and experienced auto tint service center will encourage you to have the glass removed and replaced before having window tint applied to it.

During the required heat shrinking process when the technician is conforming the film to the glass, a high level of heat is used with heat guns. When heat is applied to glass the glass will do what glass is designed to do, expand. Regardless of how small or minor an existing windshield crack, chip or break is, it is inevitable that the damage will expand instantly with the heat, causing further damage.

Arizona law states that cracked and broken windshields are not compliant due to safety and visibility. With safety at the top of its mind, TINT 360 will not apply a tint or work on windshields with existing damage.

Our team will provide you with windshield replacement solutions while you are in-store. We will give you the option to replace the full glass, and have the new windshield tint applied to the new glass rather than the existing damaged glass. In many cases, we can have the new glass installed with our nano-ceramic windshield tint application completed in one day.

Can I request OEM glass for my windshield replacement?

You can always request OEM glass when filing your windshield claim. However, it is up to your insurance provider to determine how much they are willing to cover for the windshield replacement, and oftentimes OEM glass from the car manufacturer comes at a higher cost than what the insurance is willing to honor. For example, if your insurance company will only honor up to $800 for the cost of glass, and an OEM windshield from the dealer is $1200 then the client will be responsible to cover the difference of $400.

What if my windshield cracks or breaks after it has been tinted?

Cracked and broken windshield damage is very common, especially in Arizona. The good news is that the windshield tint will hold the glass in place, preventing it from shattering in millions of tiny glass shard pieces.

If your windshield is to become cracked or broken, even immedietley after it has been tinted we can file an insurance claim with your insurance provider to have the full front windshield replaced as quickly as possible.

Some insurance providers request medical documentation from your medical care provider to cover the cost of the existing window tint which will range between $300 and $400 in value for the windshield tint depending on which window tint product you choose. If you do not have a medical waiver then the insurance company can decline the cost of the windshield tint itself, and you will be responsible for the cost to have it retinted. The windshield glass will still be covered if you have glass coverage included on your auto insurance policy. If you do not have glass coverage, we highly encourage you to inquire with a licensed and experienced auto insurance agent like Courtney Cowan Gray from Farm Bureau Insurance in Deer Valley, who can give you different glass coverage options for your vehicle.

No Fault Warranty Purchase at TINT 360

Another great option that we provide our clients who experience a cracked or broken windshield after it’s been tinted is the option to purchase our No Fault Warranty. This warranty is only valid at a TINT 360 location and covers up to two full free windshield tints per year with the same film originally installed.

This warranty is not transferable and cannot be used towards another vehicle, and can only be utilized upon a glass claim conducted by TINT 360.

What is the process to have my windshield retinted after it has been replaced?

It is quite simple. To save our clients time we will tint the windshield at our facility before it is installed into your vehicle at your preferred location. This is the best application method for having tint on your front windshield. When the windshield is in the vehicle our technicians have to be extremely careful to prevent damage to any of the interior devices and electronics, so they must use very little water. When a windshield is tinted outside of the vehicle we can use more water to flush the glass and ensure that there aren’t any small dust particles or debris on the windshield.

We will tint the windshield at our facility and your technician will bring it already tinted to your home or office. We will remove the existing damaged windshield and replace it with the new one. This will save you time and a trip to out automotive center to have your windshield retinted. Now, that’s service!

Our Windshield Replacement Process

·         Confirm Your Coverage

      1. Confirm with your insurance provider to make sure that your coverage covers glass replacement. If you do not have glass coverage we highly recommend looking into it with a licensed and experienced auto insurance agent such as Courtney Cowan Gray at Farm Bureau Insurance in Phoenix, AZ. Her team is licensed, experienced and always happy to help new and existing clients with all of their auto glass insurance needs.

·         Upload your insurance card HERE (upload option)

      1. Once you have uploaded your insurance card using our secure online upload feature, our team will be notified immediately by our website system.

·         We will contact you shortly!

      1. We will contact you by phone and email to schedule a time for a short phone call to start the claims process with your insurance provider

·         Live phone call with your auto insurance provider

      1. Most insurance claim departments are easy to work with and make each call simple and convenient for policy owners. A TINT 360 team member will conduct the three-way phone call with you along with the insurance claims department on the line to begin the claims process. The policy owner or a person on the policy must be on the live phone call and go through the verification process, regardless of who the insurance provider or broker is.
      2. The claims department will verify that it is you making the claim. This is to eliminate fraud and scams. They will review your insurance coverage and what will be covered and/or not covered. If the glass replacement is covered under your auto insurance policy they will then open a claim for your glass replacement.
      3. In some cases, you may be required to submit images of the damage. Some insurance providers have a downloadable app on your phone. In the app, you will upload images of the damaged glass for verification.

·         Referral number issued

      1. Your TINT 360 team member will ask the right questions to make sure you are taken care of. From there your insurance claims department will issue a claims number for us to utilize throughout the entire glass replacement process. Without this number, we will not be able to proceed with your glass replacement due to non-payment from the insurance company. During the phone call, this number will be issued.

·         Your New Windshield Will Be Ordered

      1. Our team will order the proper glass that needs to be replaced.

·         Schedule the time & location of the windshield replacement

      1. Depending on the vehicle type and the job requirements locations can oftentimes be done at your preferred location such as your home or office or if the replacement is more complex, we will inform you that the vehicle needs to be brought to our facility.
      2. Depending on the part number and its availability through car and glass manufacturers, turnaround times can be as quick as one day or four weeks. However, we will know the status of the glass right away and will inform you of realistic lead times for the replacement.
      3. All appointment times are time windows. For example Arrival between 8 am-12 pm. Due to any unforeseen events such as weather, traffic, previous installs, complications, or setbacks, this window allows our team to navigate through the day accordingly.

·         Complete glass replacement

      1. Installations can take anywhere from two to five hours depending on the vehicle type and the job requirements.

·         Arrange Recalibration if necessary

    1. Many newer vehicles with multiple sensors, backup cameras, road lane signals, and other safety features require recalibration upon the replacement of a windshield. This ensures everything is working properly. If your vehicle needs to be recalibrated then we will do so. If there are any special requirements for recalibration, you may have a second appointment shortly after the replacement for recalibration. Every vehicle is different and our team will schedule and coordinate in the alignment with each need.

If you have any questions or converse always feel free to reach out to us directly at 480-448-0668. Our team is happy to answer your questions and assist you further.

Is there a warranty on windshield tint?

Yes. All automotive window tint comes with a nationwide manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers bubbling, peeling, fading, corrosion, and delamination on the product and craftsmanship.

Our nationwide manufacturer warranty is honored by TINT 360, USA across all 50 states in the United States.

Will I get a traffic citation or ticket if my windshield is tinted?

Arizona window tint law states that all windshields must be non-reflective and are allowed above the manufacturers AS-1 line. It is at a police officer’s discretion to ticket drivers due to tinted windshields.

Will I be able to see out at night?

Everyone’s eyesight is different, however, with the clear windshield tint offered at our automotive center, visibility is quite clear even at night for most drivers.

Oftentimes, visibility can be a challenge when darker shaded films are applied to any piece of glass on a vehicle’s glass. In most cases, clearer nano-ceramic auto tints are extremely clear and allow complete visibility at night. It is important that car owners know the health of their eyes, and what will be beneficial for them.

What is the legal shade of window tint in Arizona?

Arizona does have several important window tint laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to window tinting. They include the following:

  • Side Mirrors: Dual side mirrors are required if the back window is tinted.
  • Restricted Colors: Arizona state law prohibits using red and amber tint colors.
  • Certificates: Film manufacturers don’t need to certify the film they sell in this state.
  • Stickers: No sticker to identify legal tinting is required by law.
  • Medical Exceptions: Arizona allows medical exemptions for special tint. For more details about the specific terms of the exemption, consult your state law.

Window tint darkness in Arizona

The percent of visible light allowed through your car windows is called VLTVisible Light Transmission.

The percentage of light allowed through your film and glass in Arizona is very specific and different for sedan cars and SUV cars or vans.

Tint darkness for sedans:

  • Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line
  • Front Side windows: Must allow more than 33% of light in
  • Back Side windows: Any darkness can be used
  • Rear Window: Any darkness can be used.

Tint darkness for SUVs and vans:

  • Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line
  • Front Side windows: Must allow more than 33% of light in.Back Side windows: Any darkness can be used
  • Rear Window: Any darkness can be used

Window tint reflection in Arizona

Window tints can reflect incoming light and reduce glare and heat.

Arizona window tint law permits a certain window reflection when using a tint so make sure you pay attention to this as well.

Tint reflection for sedans:

  • Front Side windows: Must not be more than 35% reflective
  • Back Side windows: Must not be more than 35% reflective

Tint reflection for SUVs and vans:

  • Front Side windows: Must not be more than 35% reflective
  • Back Side windows: Must not be more than 35% reflective

Keep in mind that Arizona tinting laws and regulations may be interpreted differently in your county or place of residence.

We always recommend double-checking our information with your local DMV or law enforcement authorities.

Learn more about Arizona’s Window Tint Laws here

Learn more about what to do if your windshield cracks or breaks and needs to be replaced

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In Summary

Tinting the front windshield offers amazing heat rejection and increased comfort without worrying about the occurrence of it breaking while driving. With our No Fault Warranty and easy windshield claim process, you can enjoy greater heat rejection when on the road without worrying about it breaking and a wasted investment.

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