TINT 360

Paint Protection Buyers Guide


TINT 360

Paint Protection Buyers Guide

Shopping For Vehicle Paint Protection Films & How To Choose

You owe it to yourself and your car to choose a highly effective Paint Protection Film to protect your vehicle’s paint and other materials from road debris, but when it comes to finding the right Paint Protection Film installation company, reliable products and a warranty that you can count on for the long-haul it is critical. In our TINT 360 Paint Protection Film Buyers Guide (also known as clear bra film) we will walk you through a specific checklist of all the things you should take into consideration before making your final decision.

Grab TINT 360’s Paint Protection Buyers Guide

Learn more about how our company sets itself apart from our competition, and why we’re different, along with the paint protection products that we offer.

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Paint Protection Buyers Guide

Paint Protection Buyers Guide

Understanding Paint Protection Film Products & Warranty Information

Whether you’re a car enthusiast looking for maximum paint protection or an everyday commuter out on the Greater Phoenix Highways seeking moderate paint protection, we have a product for your vehicle that you can believe in with every mile. Whether the terrain gets extremely rocky or the weather conditions aren’t on your vehicles side, the integrity of our products will always come through for you. And even as proud as we are of the products themselves, we can’t help but be exceptionally proud of the nationwide warranty program that is attached to each paint protection product and installation. We are talking, trustworthy, no hassle, no loop holes to jump through, no red tape, absolutely unbeatable warranties.

With the endless paint protection options, and paint protection installation companies and professionals in Phoenix, we want to be your first and final pick. Our technique and approach are not common practice within the vehicle protection and coating industry. To say that we go the extra mile is an understatement. You can check our social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to learn more about our services.


Tesla2_d400 Paint Protection Film

Metallic Tint

Quality: Better
Mercedes3_d400 Ceramic Coating

Single Layer Ceramic Tint

Quality: Best
Tesla_d400 Ultimate Armor


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