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New Tesla Model Protection Guide

New Tesla Model Protection Guide for Buyers


2023 New Tesla Model Protection Guide

Check out our New Tesla Model Protection Guide

New Tesla Model Protection Guide


Like many Tesla Model owners, you are more than likely very excited after the purchase of your first, or even second. During our time in the industry, we have witnessed many die-hard Tesla fanatics who can’t stop smiling when we talk about their car. If you own a Tesla we have no doubt that you absolutely love your vehicle, and to be honest, we can’t blame you one bit.

There is something incredibly unique about these vehicles, and quite frankly there is no other vehicle like them. Tesla owners feel each set of eyes on them as they ride around in style. But who likes people staring directly at them like they are in a fishbowl? Not us! This leads us to the primary reason people come to our shop: window tint. Get the privacy you need while keeping your vehicle cool and protected.

Tesla owners, especially in Phoenix, Arizona, have one thing at the top of their list after they buy their Tesla Model: window tint. It’s a no-brainer when it comes to the excruciating temperatures that surpass 110 degrees in the summer. This paired with the amount off glass on a Tesla can make your car feel like an oven.

At TINT 360 we get asked a number of questions when they are considering window tint. There are many things to consider, and we thought it would be a great idea to give owners the entire rundown on the window tinting process for these vehicles.



Whether you drive a Model S, X, or any other model, you want to do your research beforehand. Take the time to have your questions answered by a trained and experienced professional, whether it’s one of our staff members or another trained professional.

Of course, every window tint professional starts somewhere, and there is a first time for everything. At one time we experienced our first Tesla as well. However, the twelve years of experience we had prior to our first Tesla really came in handy. We knew it was a different animal, and we knew we had to take many precautions when completing the installation.

We had heard all of the horror stories, and what could go wrong with these vehicles when getting window tint installed. Our professionals were dedicated to making sure they knew how to properly prep the vehicle and had access to the necessary equipment. Our technicians worked tirelessly to perfect their methods in order to give each customer the best experience possible.

Today, we can proudly say we’ve performed hundreds of successful Tesla installations and have mastered the process.

To learn more about what we offer, have a look at our other services, such as wraps and ceramic coating. Please contact us today!

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UV protection means blocking the ultraviolet light from reaching your eyes. Just as sunscreen helps protect your skin from UV damage, window film blocks most of the ultraviolet rays reaching your eyes. With the right protection, it’s possible to block 99 to 100 percent of ultraviolet rays from reaching your delicate eyes and causing damage.


Automotive window tinting with TINT 360 can improve your vehicle’s AC performance by reducing solar heat from the outside and reducing hot spots inside. This also means you’ll have to run your air conditioner less which can make your battery last longer – saving you money.


Our safety and security film provides a strong, protective barrier between you and the glass in the event of an accident. The window may still break, but the glass fragments adhere to the film.


TINT 360 offers a wide range of shades that offer privacy for you and your passengers, and security for your valuables inside. Help protect your belongings by keeping them away from prying eyes.

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New Tesla Model Protection Guide

New Tesla Model Protection Guide


Great question! Every piece of window film applied to any Tesla needs to fit exactly to size. The way we do that is with heat shrinking. Heat shrinking takes time and skill.

Many customers ask if they can wait on their vehicle while it is getting tinted. The answer is yes, you can. However, we do not recommend that. When we pull your vehicle into our garage it can be there for as long as six hours. Teslas have a lot of glass compared to other vehicles, and with the time required to prep and clean each window, heat shrink the window film, and install it you would be waiting for quite some time. After the third or fourth hour, you might start going a little crazy, and our technicians will not rush in any way to speed up a vehicle. After we complete the installation we will park your vehicle in the sun allowing the film to cure, and to make sure everything is flawless before you pick up. ​

We recommend you drop off your vehicle at 9:00 AM on your scheduled appointment day with the expected pick up time to be around 5:00 PM.

New Tesla Model Protection Guide

New Tesla Model Protection Guide


A critical part of the installation process on a Tesla is preserving the electrical system, electronics, and integrity of the glass. As for the electrical system and electronics, they require maximum protection and TLC. Water and electrical systems don’t mix well, and your Tesla could be one mistake away from an insurance claim. The dash, screen, and all electronics in the vehicle must be covered, and safeguarded at all times, especially around the front windshield.

At TINT 360 we use proper equipment and procedures to shield vulnerable areas of the the vehicle from having contact with unwanted water or moisture. This ensures that your vehicle remains protected against any accidents or damage.

TINT 360 is a fully insured company. We advise you to verify that the window film installation professional or company is fully insured in case anything were to happen to your vehicle during or after the installation. If you choose to do business with a person or business who is NOT insured you could potentially be stuck with a hefty bill if anything were to go wrong.

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New Tesla Model Protection Guide

New Tesla Model Protection Guide


As you might already know there are hundreds, if not thousands of window film options available in todays market. Which one should you choose? For us that answer is very simple, XPEL Window Films, but to you that might be an overwhelming question.

TINT 360 is an Authorized XPEL Window Film Dealer in Phoenix, Arizona. XPEL Window Films is by far one of the very best window film manufactuers, and window film providers that we have ever done business with. 

New Tesla Model Protection Guide

New Tesla Model Protection Guide


One thing that TINT 360 loves about XPEL Window Films is the company’s commitment to their values. XPEL Window Film stands behind each of their Authorized Dealers and what they sell to customers like you. Every product includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers any bubbling, peeling, fading, discoloration, and corrosion. The window film is completely backed by the warranty and will be replaced with no questions asked if it is exhibiting any of these qualities. XPEL makes it easy for dealers just like TINT 360 to take care of their customers and provide us with the tools and recourses that we need to best serve our them. Together, XPEL Window Films and TINT 360 will provide the ultimate tint experience.

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At TINT 360, we always want to educate the customer. It is important for you to know your options, and gain insight from a trusted professional.

When it comes to Tesla we do not recommend anything less than a Ceramic Window Film. When you purchased your Tesla you didn’t cut any corners, and we will not allow you to cut corners when it comes to your window tint either. We have your back with our New Tesla Model Protection Guide!​​​

New Tesla Model Protection Guide


The top-of-the-line XPEL Series transforms your vehicle inside and out with our best ceramic window tint technology and a generous share of additional deluxe features. You’ll be calm, cool, and collected as you’re sitting in the driver’s seat thanks to this window film’s concentrated infrared blocking abilities. It also features easy electronic connectivity, protection against 99% of UV rays, discreet privacy, and glare reduction. You’ll also like the image you project as you cruise through your neighborhood in style.  offers you a wide range of shades (VLTs) able to make a statement on their own while also seamlessly blending with factory tinted privacy glass. Infrared-focused heat control gives  its name and sets it apart from other tints. IR-rejection technology offers superior solar control compared to dyed, metallized, or standard ceramic films with the same level of visible light transmission. Let us help you choose your ideal shade and compare  window tint to the alternative film technologies. You won’t be disappointed.

New Tesla Model Protection Guide


Our innovative ceramic window tint is available in a generous range of sophisticated charcoal shades so you can create precisely the look you want. Every stylish shade is paired with the ceramic technology that makes it possible to deliver excellent heat rejection, glare control, and UV protection while remaining metal-free so it won’t interfere with signals from your electronic devices. If you want your car to get noticed, you’ve found your match in ceramic auto tints. Our films are manufactured to the strictest standards and feature components like color stable dye and powerful adhesive. Watch the video to learn more about the details of our ceramic window tint and connect with a dealer today to learn about pricing and installation.

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